Premium Plan

Premium Plan

Experience marketing automation at its finest with our Premium Fuel plan. From comprehensive automation tools to in-depth analytics, this plan is tailor-made for those who demand peak performance. Unleash the full potential of your marketing strategy and achieve remarkable success with Premium Fuel.

What you get:

Automatic Follow Up System
Invoices, Proposals, Estimates
Websites, Funnels & Blogs
Courses & Memberships
Social Media Planner
Referral Affiliates Manager
3 users included ($20/extra user)

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Frequently asked questions

Will I be charged for this subscription?

No, you will not not be charged for the this subscription until your free 14-day trial is over. You may use our software FREE of charge without limitations during your trial.

What do I have to pay today?

Just the $297 setup fee! The setup fee is required to integrate your tools over a Zoom session. After you checkout, you will be asked to choose a time to meet with your onboarding specialist to get started immediately seeing results.

Can I cancel at any time?

YES! If you are not completely satisfied with your experience, just let us know before the end of your 14-day trial and we will cancel your subscription with our 100% money-back guarantee.

Start Your FREE 14-Day Trial

You will only be charged $297 today for the setup fee. The rest is FREE during your 14-day trial. After you checkout, you'll choose a time to meet with your onboarding specialist.

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What to Expect

Consult with a Fortune 500 Expert

A fun, fast-paced, interactive working session  that will help answer most of your questions.

Build a Digital Roadmap Together

Within 24 hours, you'll receive a clear strategy to get you started on your digital initiative.

During the Session

You share your vision and I craft your brand voice, business case and marketing strategy. Then we will create a digital roadmap to fuel your journey ahead.

Session Agenda

The First Hour

current state

Get to Know You

“What’s your story?”

10 minutes

Share Your Vision

“I have a dream…”

20 minutes

Frame the Challenge

“How might we…?”

25 minutes

The Second Hour

Future state

What's Success Like?

“Draw a picture…”

30 minutes

Build Digital Roadmap

“Big milestones…”

20 minutes

Next Steps

“Getting started…”

10 minutes

Key Outcomes

By the end of this session, you will have:

More Confidence

To execute your vision with less fear and uncertainty, less risk

Less Roadblocks

Get easy answers to complex questions  holding you back

Clear Direction

A strong roadmap with a 3-step plan to get started ASAP

Final Deliverable

We will make HIGH LEVEL indicative suggestions. More refined estimates will be needed for detailed planning & execution purposes.

How it Works


Book Session

Choose a time that works for you and share any background info


Attend Session

Join the session over Zoom and I will facilitate our discovery agenda


Get Roadmap

After the session, you'll get a digital roadmap within 24 hours!

Here's My Promise 🤞

I promise to shortcut your strategy so you don't have to spend $50,000 for a Big 5 consultancy and MONTHS of analysis 🙄

Most questions will be answered on the spot
* Note

Some questions will require follow up and further analysis. This fast paced strategy exercise will help you get started quickly without having to perform weeks of costly analysis. This approach works best for low to medium complexity projects.

75% of concerns will be alleviated in 2 hours
You'll be FUELED with the determination you need to get started ASAP 💪
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/ year
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/ year
Turbocharge your marketing automation with full-suite tools. Achieve peak performance and efficiency with Premium Fuel!
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2 Hours
Head of Growth

Basim has 20 years of experience fueling CEOs with business strategy, digital transformation and tech automation at Fortune 500 clients around the world (US, LATAM, Middle East, Africa, Asia)

What my clients say

Don't take my word from it. Here's a few recommendations from LinkedIn.

"I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Basim for over 20 years. From entrepreneurial expeditions to large complicated projects he has navigated the treacherous waters to the shores of success time and time again. When Basim first embarked on his journey with us, he was immediately thrown into the gauntlet and given a project to deliver a solution to a client that had already been in motion for weeks. Within a week's time, he was able to work across the silos, herd on and off shore resources, create a compelling vision and architect a solution matching the clients high expectations while lead the execution to deliver the proof of concept. Even more impressive was that he got his hands dirty and contributed to the coding of the solution. The final presentation had the clients rethinking their workflows. When you can make an old hat question a tried and true process it is a mark of success. Digital Transformation is a complicated formula with sales, personality and relationships playing a major role in the list of ingredients. Basim has a powerful personality and is the "Don Draper" of his field. He blends technical, business and creative with a high degree of success. Without a doubt Basim is a closer!"


"Basim is one of the best professional consultants I have had the privilege of working in my career. He actively listens to his customers and thoroughly analyzes what is being said. Basim is able to identify solutions to technical problems and link them back to a business value and business driver that his customer can relate to. Furthermore, Basim understands the entire exploration and production lifecycle. Finally, Basim is a quick learner. He as an agile and inquisitive mind that will make him very successful in whatever challenge he puts his mind to."


"I have worked with Basim in the Middle East creating the foundations for designing a world-class project. Basim is a very dedicated, knowledgeable and hard working team member that contributed greatly to laying the foundations for a successful design and implementation. I have also worked with Basim on 2 larger projects in Asia. Basim is a highly skilled Project Manager and was instrumental in designing and delivering the projects on time, within budget and to the clients’ satisfaction. In addition to being professional and skillful as a project manager, Basim is also very attentive to the business needs of the client as well as being very knowledgeable technically. It has been a pleasure working with Basim and highly recommend Basim to anyone."

Project Manager

"I interacted with Mr. Mousilli on an Accenture project for a large Media & Entertainment client. Besides being a joy to work with, Basim is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. He was an asset to the team and extraordinarily helpful in other areas. As I remember, Mr. Mousilli has always approached me to learn more about the technology and business. In addition, he's always ready to help. That shows his willingness to learn more and adapt quickly."

Sid Siddiqui

"I worked with Basim for about two years when he moved Middle East. During that period, I had the opportunity to learn a lot about him at a professional level. Basim possess a wide range of skills that are required to deliver projects and is results oriented. He has an excellent focus in defining problems and formulating solutions besides his ability to learn faster about new things to stay ahead of the game. I personally liked his openness in receiving feedback and how he commits to his personal development. I highly recommend him for roles that require innovation and service excellence."

Yousuf Al-Abdali

"I was a pleasure of mine to work with Basim as part of my team. Basim is a highly motivated individual. He brings a unique mix of experience, energy and focus. His passion, thirst for knowledge and drive to execute are infectious. Assets both as an individual contributor as well as a leader. Basim leverages his excellent communication skills developing strong and deep relationships with his clients. This allows him to effectively collaborate with them, fully understand their challenges and becoming a trusted adviser. Another excellent skill is his ability to think out of the box with solution design, tailoring it to the clients requirements and opening their thinking to previously unconsidered directions and added value. With his experience and skills he is a leader in digital transformation, and an asset to any organization."

Andrew Garrett
Red Hat

"Basim did a fantastic job during the execution of our project. I experienced the revolution on the communication and collaboration by this implementation and how he influenced management to incorporate his vision and ideas. The project was finished as per plan and observing all the requirements. But he didn't stop by delivering the project on time. He facilitated training sessions to ensure full utilization of the new technology. He has excellent interpersonal skills that allowed him to interact equally easy from management to technicians."

Manuel Guzman
Shell Oil
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