Hello, we are Insert Fuel

We use human empathy, technology, and creativity to re-imagine ways of working and create beautiful digital experiences.

We use human empathy, technology, and creativity to re-imagine ways of working and create beautiful digital experiences.

What’s our superpower, you might ask?

We are highly specialized SMEs that listen and help solve the right challenges. Together we build a realistic digital roadmap to meet your goals. Define value before seeking change.

You are in the driver’s seat as we use design thinking to curate beautiful experiences that embrace people’s true desires. Extremely fast prototyping in days, not weeks.

We create and integrate third-party apps and data from MVP to scale. We pilot and grow in an agile “fail fast + shift fast” way with user buy-in at every step. Flexible can-do attitude.

Our differentiating twist is creating video storytelling to create viral adoption, making heroes out of change agents. We use positive psychology coaching to support growth.

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Our clients are kind of crazy visionaries
with impossible problems to solve

Brunei Shell Petroleum

Texas Laparo Surgery

A&M Contractors

University of Texas

Rockets Travel

Americo Lodging

Golden Cedar Apartments

Shrader Law

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How we collaborate

Our SAFe agile framework


First we embrace your vision and use design thinking to prioritize efforts.

Discovery Exercises
  • Understand your vision
  • Inject our imperatives
  • Evaluate alternatives
  • Prioritize effort vs. impact
Key Outcome
Priorities and scope clear enough to get started (Digital Roadmap)


We co-create user experiences that gracefully satisfy your requirements.

Design Thinking
  • Empathize with persona needs
  • Define journey maps
  • Create user stories
  • Design interactive prototypes
Key Outcome
You’re happy with the design to move forward (User Stories Ready)


We build and integrate solutions, refining continuously until perfect.

Agile Development
  • Build user interfaces
  • Connect data and infrastructure
  • Test against business logic
  • Daily scrums to show value
Key Outcome
Minimum viable product proven and ready to scale (MVP Complete)


Coaching and storytelling to delight people as we scale to prove value.

Rapid User Adoption
  • User-led change adoption
  • Storytelling with social media
  • Measure and improve
  • Coach, support and grow
Key Outcome
Value realized. People happy with sustainable change (Measurable ROI)

Kaizen (改善) Design Thinking

Our #1 goal is to make your operations more
predictable, connected, self-aware and automated.

 Fail fast and never stop improving to achieve your goals with cycle time reduction 

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