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We use strategy, technology, and creativity to take your business to the next level online.

We use strategy, technology, and creativity to take your business to the next level online.

We accelerate your business online

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Brunei Shell Petroleum

Texas Laparo Surgery

A&M Contractors

University of Texas

Rockets Travel

Americo Lodging

Golden Cedar Apartments

Shrader Law

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How we partner with you

Our engagement methodology


First we embrace your vision, exchange ideas and form a strategy.

Discovery Activities
  • Learn business needs
  • Collect requirements
  • Evaluate alternatives
  • Analyze feasibility
Key Outcome
Clear scope and project expectations to be successful (Statement of Work)


We create a design that gracefully satisfies user requirements.

Design Activities
  • Understand user needs
  • Define business process
  • Create user stories
  • Design mock-ups
Key Outcome
You’re happy with the design before moving forward (Approved Prototype)


We build a solution and refine continuously until perfect.

Build Activities
  • Setup data/infrastructure
  • Develop user interface
  • Program business logic
  • Test and fix defects
Key Outcome
Final working solution with zero defects (User Acceptance Testing)


We deploy the final solution online. We insert fuel, nurture and grow.

Growth Activities
  • Publish solution online
  • Market via social media
  • Conduct training
  • Maintain and grow
Key Outcome
Rapid business growth, solution unleashed online (Go Live & Handover)

Kaizen (改善) Lean Six Sigma

Our #1 goal is to make your business more
connected, productive and automated.

 Never stop growing and improving 

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