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How to INTRODUCE yourself so people NEVER forget

How you intro yourself makes a huge difference in how people remember you.

Your personal intro if done right can be your best lead generation source

Have you ever found yourself at a party and met the lamest person ever and were like "get me out here?" 😳

The way you introduce yourself defines your vibe. It defines who you are, what you do and the energy you give in service to others. 

Getting your intro right is critical. Most people won't say this to our face because they're being nice, but a lot of times we lose people in the details of how we present ourselves.

People simply don't care about all the details of what you do. They just care about what's in it for them.

Most of the time, people just want to be entertained knowing you do something they've never met anybody that does what you do. "Hey Jill, you won't believe who I met. The most interesting person..."

That's right. People are looking for a story. So give it to them.

Time to throw away your boring personal intro for something more like this

The next time someone asks: "So what do you do?"

Try this next time...

"Have you ever had your electricity cut off?"

The other person: "Yeah, of course! It's such an inconvenience..."

You agree: "Right?!"

GREAT. You've elicited a strong emotional connection to latch onto. Or not. Either way, this is the best way to gauge the energy level of the conversation and the interest level of the other person before going into a lot of detail. This helps you listen for attentiveness and keeps the other person engaged at the same time.

Creating relatability is key for your personal intro

You're bonding already. A good storyteller then uses emotive cues to deepen the pain and have person live the moment briefly.

Cue relatable moments: "...electricity is out...wifi is cut off. You're bored. Hot. It's summer. Sweat dripping down your armpits..." 🥵

You continue: "Well...I'm the person responsible for the power grid. I make sure things like that don't happen...!"

"Ahhhh." This is the sign people register what you're saying ✅ Then they'll tilt their head and appreciate you breaking it down so simply.

BAM! That's it. They get it...and they don't need all the details they wrote in your job description or resume.

The conversation continues into familiar territory...

Then they'll likely add on: <insert whatever question here they want to selfishly dabble their curiosity in>...or tease you to turn the conversation fun.

This is where you want to carry the conversation. You want to get to a point where the other person simply understands at a high level what yo do and are comfortable enough to ask their own questions.

This is how you create instant connection and relatability with your personal introduction.

Here are more examples to create psychological connection

Here's another thing you can say. You might claim: "I'm like Superman for the power grid. I save people from suffering power outages."

They'll never forget that. Careful...that may even become your nickname. This is powerful stuff that sticks for years...

One last example. You may say instead: "Have you ever seen X? ...or the actor Y?...I'm like MTV's Pimp My Ride meets Inception for Marketing..."

Whatever you do, make it short and memorable. Let that do a number on their brain.

Before you go: make it stick and close strong with memorable personal branding

Before you part ways with the person you introduced yourself to, you'll want to circle back to your personal branding as a closer.

Like this, for example:

"So the next time the power goes out...think of me 😉"

Now THAT is when you pull out your business card, share your Instagram/LinkedIn, etc...

Close strong and make it stick. They'll never forget you.

How will you introduce yourself in a way people will never forget?

Ready to insert fuel?

We can't wait to talk to you. Like we're literally on the edge of our seats waiting.