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10 Reasons People are NOT CHECKING OUT on your online store

So you built this beautiful shop but nobody is checking out? Try these 10 tweaks to get more sales.

You know the feeling. You're SUPER excited about the launch of your new store 🎉

You put the final touches on your website. The theme is perfect. It's so beautiful, you're gonna cry.

You flip the switch to go live...

  • 1 day later: Lots of traffic from your friends on Instagram 🔥
  • 1 week later: You've made a few sales...not bad
  • 1 MONTH later: You've got visitors just wandering around 📉

But nobody is actually CHECKING OUT! What do I do? This is frustrating 😅

It's like where did all my friends go?

Here's how to improve checkout conversion on your online store

1. Install FREE analytics tools to "see" and understand user behavior

Make sure you install free tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Meta Pixel and maybe even a paid "heat map" and screen recording solution like Hot Jar to monitor user activity.

Example third party website metrics leveraging Google Analytics

With these tools, you can diagnose exactly where people are clicking, what they're tapping on, how they're entering your website, what they're wasting their time on...and you can actually see when prospects abandon your website or shopping cart...or get extra fixated on something that makes no sense.

Heat maps can help you focus on what users are clicking

You'd be surprised! Sometimes people get stuck on the stupidest things. Sometimes they dwell on an error that needs to be fixed and that's how you troubleshoot. Learn what users are doing before abandoning your site or their filled cart, for heaven's sake! This is step number 1 in improving conversion.

2. Offer free shipping and cross-sell to position products better

You want to make sure when people actually place things in their cart, you offer bundles to upsell and cross-sell relevant products they may want or need. Another trick is to show them how much more money they need to spend to qualify for FREE shipping!

Upsell all the time. Suggest products that are at relevant and complete the buying experience for your shoppers

3. Add 100% payment is secure type of assurances

Make sure you list all the payment methods you accept in graphical format with logos. Make a graphical badge that assures your customers payments are "100% Secure."

I know this sounds expected, but statistics show that this is the type of assurance customers need when dealing with especially a new vendor.

There are tons of scammer sites out there, so any measure of relatability goes a long way. People are trying to decide if your entire business is legit or just another site that is trying to scam them.

These tacky things helps a lot with buyer works, just do it...

4. Make the friendliest "easy return policy"

Mention and elaborate about your Easy Return Policy. Also mentioned "Satisfaction Guaranteed" to decrease possible buyer's remorse.

Studies have proven that having an easy return policy will greatly increase customer conversion. Think about the last time you bought something. Even if you don't plan on returning it, knowing that you can makes a huge difference.

5. Give discounts for every review and get a review every time you sell

If you're not asking for customer reviews every single time you make a sale, you are losing out on the opportunity to get your next customer.

If you've worked hard to make a fine product, it's a shame if you don't proudly ask for reviews. You've spent all that time on product development and research. Now's the time to get praise for what you've created that will influence the next consumer.

Follow ups like this work great when asking for reviews, especially when combined with a generous discount

Don't rob yourself of this opportunity for the strongest type of product marketing: word of mouth. Then make sure to include discounts for future purchases once they leave a review.

"Selling online is no different than making a person FALL IN LOVE with you. You have to charm and walk shoppers right to the checkout lane as you whisper sweet messages of HOPE and assurances in their ear..."

6. Always offer coupons to give people that feeling

To prove my point, go to your competitor's websites. True, you shouldn't compete on price versus value, but people want to know they're getting a good deal to check out fast.

People are cheap. People want to feel like they got an amazing deal so they can show off in front of their friends. Fight buyer's remorse pro-actively. Give your customers that sense of validation and excitement they're doing the right thing by always offering a coupon.

It's a feeling...don't fight it...give in to your customer's desires to feel good

Why always offer a discount? Because your shitty competitors are doing the same. So you must unless you're selling something of high value that's scarce in a hungry market and you've got the market cornered. In that case, by all means, charge full price.

7. Don't forget gift cards and personalizing gift notes!

Sometimes the best thing to do is offer gift cards so people don't feel obligated to make a decision. Make your customer's buying process super easy by offering denominations of e.g. $10, $25 and $50.

Gift cards increase buyer conversion by taking the thought process out of the equation

You know what it's like when you're in a hurry and want to just grab a gift for a friend or family member online: you don't care about all the details sometimes.

Having a gift card option can be a lifesaver. Lastly, give the ability for your customers to add a gift note to their order to really personalize the whole experience. This is definitely a way to build connection with your customer base; just helping them be a better gift-giver.

8. Use seasonal product catalog variations

Add more variety to your store by adding variations of your same exact products with different gift boxes or gift bags for the seasons. Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. Match this with Facebook advertising to drive traffic to your store in different seasons.

This costs you almost nothing marginally speaking because you've already done the hard work of developing your products. Now you're just making variations to attract buyers at the right time in their lives to make your product more relevant to the season.

9. Text and email customers for abandoned cart reminders

Last but not least, one of the most important things you can do is send email and text reminders to your customers that have added things to their shopping carts but haven't checked out.

I absolutely love Lume's reminder texts. They caught me at the right moment! In fact, they chased me to buy and remind me in a very subtle, persistent way.

People actually appreciate getting reminders. We move so fast on our phones, sometimes we shift focus to another tab and forget what we were doing.

Don't be shy to remind your customers about a cute little something in their basket that they forgot to purchase. Cheeky little reminders go a long way to make sure you close the deal after your interested buyer gets innocently distracted.

Misen's abandoned cart notifications are so good, I don't unsubscribe

10. Nudge users with FOMO based on recent purchases by others

Have you ever seen notifications like this? "Danny S bought X product for $100 less than 30 minutes ago from Dallas, Texas."

Lots can be done around customer psychology with little FOMO nudges. These triggers can work wonders to create a sense of urgency. Low inventory stock alerts are also fantastic at creating that feeling of scarcity.

You can create FOMO using notifications like this to nudge buyers into action

In conclusion, having the right product and pricing is not enough

You MUST position your product the right way. Launching an e-commerce shop with an amazing product at the right price is simply not enough to compete these days. You must place your product in a way that's super compelling.

If you follow these 10 tips, I guarantee you'll see visitors actually check out and become buyers! It's worked for our clients so it'll work for you.

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